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Get Action Rewind before it's gone! - Available until February 1st!
Action Rewind Vol 1
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All instruments were sampled by us using our rad vintage analog gear including synths, drum machines and outboard gear.

  • 25 Unique Multi-Sampled Instruments
  • Action Drum Kit
  • Action FX Kit
  • Project file with all Channel Strips setup.
  • Walkthrough video

We are STRANGER THINGS composer Michael Stein and synth lord Protovolt and we make rad multi-sampled instruments to help you create rad music.

Action Rewind Vol 1 is the first of many -limited- instrument series. Available for only 30 days and then it's gone. If you wanna bring those 80s action movie sounds to your tracks, then don't let this one escape!

All instruments are programmed and sampled by us, using iconic analog gear from our private collections. we've meticulously setup each instrument and channel strip so all you have to do is load the project and start creating.


Our -series- product line is a boutique multi-sample instrument set, so you can expect a lot of detailed audio information within the instruments. No product will ever exceed 5gb but you can expect them to be 3gb + per set.

All of our instrument sets are designed using the most current versions of DAWs and plugins so we recommend using the same for maximum compatibility. We also recommend your Mac or PC have at least 8gb RAM.

*For Ableton Live users, we designed this for Standard and Suite. Intro users will have limited FX. Logic users should run the current version of Logic Pro X. Kontakt 6.4.2 users need to be running the Full version, not the free Player.