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If you grew up in the 90’s then you remember loading your free AOL cd onto your brand new windows 95 computer. You will never cleanse the sound of a 28.8k modern connecting from your head. Goecities websites were the landscape of the information highway and malls like Stranger Things ‘Starcourt’ were your home away from home were you found solace at the arcade or your local Lazer tag facility. A culture born into the late world of analog on the cusp of a digital revolution. You just entered into “the future of endless possibilities”. Got a brand new shockwave portable CD player or mini disc which could buffer 40 seconds of skip protection. Your a simolenaire in your Simcity dystopian paradise. You are unstoppable! How could the world get any more progressive than this aww inspiring wonderland?


  • 36 Vaporific Multi-Sampled Instruments
  • 36 Custom Channel Strip Setups
  • Starcourt Kit
  • Jaz Kit
  • KXTX Kit
  • Project file 
Multiple Ensoniq drum kits from less explored early workstations and Latin flare from the Roland TR-727 that will pack plenty of over compressed 12-bit punch to your recordings. We are super excited to include the actual drum sounds from the ‘Starcourt’ theme heard in Stranger Things season 3. A rare anomaly of a track to make an appearance in the show originally written on the SQ-80’s onboard sequencer - one of Michael Stein’s (composer) very first synthesizers. In additional to these great kits we have an SFX kit full of office sounds, dial up modems and other technology that defined the DOTCOM era.

This set of multi-samples instruments is perfect for scoring the fast paced global economy or your most surrealist NFT artwork.
Size: Up to 5 GB per Series. Average size, 3 GB.
Content: 25+ Multi-sample Instruments, Channel strips and Project session
Resolution: 44.1 kHz. 16 bit
License: No sharing. Only verified customers are eligible for contests, giveaways and special promotions.


Formats Ableton Live, Logic Pro
Versions Ableton Live Standard and Suite 10+, Logic Pro X
OS Ableton tested on Mac and PC. Logic is Mac only.

Our Approach

Quality and Simplicity

We offer a fresh perspective in the field of boutique, custom-designed sample instruments. Our unique composer sets are designed to inspire musicians with a simple, plug-and-play approach to creating their own compositions.

From our customers

These are incredible. Holy Sh*t!

Brian Bender
Producer/Mixer/Composer/Sound Designer with 15 years of experience. His production has found its way to #1 in 16 countries, into Oscar winner movies and onto Thom Yorke’s Christmas Playlist

I love the synths in Hack the Planet. Sounds are spot on.

Future Funk Squad
Producer - The Crystal Method

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