Our products are very easy to use. WTF do you need to know?

We've provided a walkthrough video in your download folder detailing what everything is, where it goes and how to use it. If you need more tips, visit our Discord.

Initially, our model was to completely expire the sets after 30 days but after overwhelming responses from customers, we decided to not expire them but they'd be brought back at a higher price. Archived means a retired set as we aren't actively promoting them. The higher price still gives incentive to purchase during the 30 day release window.

Contests and Giveaways

We do rad contests and stuff so make sure you've got all the info.

Check your download folder for PDFs outlining the details. If you'd like to discuss it more in detail with us or the community, please visit our Discord.


Need help? Don't we all.

We've setup our Discord to provide the best all around support whether it's directly from us or the growing community full of knowledgeable humans that will gladly help. Seek knowledge there.