Super Mega

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If we're honest with ourselves, when it comes to retro gaming, the 16 bit era was the sweet spot. The graphics were improved and the music was on another level. With most companies focusing on 8-bit and bloops, we decided to go 16-bit all the way. Nintendo and Sega dominated 16 bit gaming and brought us some of the best and most memorable soundtracks of all time.

We've sampled original hardware to recreate sounds from games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, Donkey Kong Country, Act Raiser, Super Metroid, Turrican, R-Type, Turtles in Time and much more.

If you're a fan of the classics, you gotta get Super Mega!

  • 35 Game-tastic Multi-Sampled Instruments
  • 35 Custom Channel Strip Setups
  • Beat em' up Kit
  • Hit Me Kit
  • Super FX Kit
  • Project file 
Size: Up to 5 GB per Series. Average size, 3 GB.
Content: 25+ Multi-sample Instruments, Channel strips and Project session
Resolution: 44.1 kHz. 16 bit
License: No sharing. Only verified customers are eligible for contests, giveaways and special promotions.


Formats Ableton Live, Logic Pro
Versions Ableton Live Standard and Suite 10+, Logic Pro X
OS Ableton tested on Mac and PC. Logic is Mac only.