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This series will transport you back to the 70’s. A production style great for all genres. The horror inspired instruments will add a unique flavor to any production.

From the bleak, dead drums to super punchy dark electro, the drum kits have you covered. For screams, hits, creeks, textures and more, the FX kit could score a film on its own.

  • 31 Unique Multi-Sampled Instruments
  • 31 Custom Channel Strip Setups
  • Dead Drum Kit
  • Electro Kill FX Kit
  • Roto Cult Kit
  • Terror FX Kit
Size: Up to 5 GB per Series. Average size, 3 GB.
Content: 25+ Multi-sample Instruments, Channel strips and Project session
Resolution: 44.1 kHz. 16 bit
License: No sharing. Only verified customers are eligible for contests, giveaways and special promotions.


Formats Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Kontakt
Versions Ableton Live Standard and Suite 10+, Logic Pro X, Kontakt 6.4.1 Full
OS Ableton/Kontakt tested on Mac and PC. Logic is Mac only.


Our Approach

Quality and Simplicity

We offer a fresh perspective in the field of boutique, custom-designed sample instruments. Our unique composer sets are designed to inspire musicians with a simple, plug-and-play approach to creating their own compositions.

From our customers

These are incredible. Holy Sh*t!

Brian Bender
Producer/Mixer/Composer/Sound Designer with 15 years of experience. His production has found its way to #1 in 16 countries, into Oscar winner movies and onto Thom Yorke’s Christmas Playlist

I love the synths in Hack the Planet. Sounds are spot on.

Future Funk Squad
Producer - The Crystal Method

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